Tron Guild Rules
Guild Rules Explained:
  • Be Respectful & Honorable
  • The Golden Rule says to "Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself." Tron members should have respect for their guild, each other, other players, the STS Terms of Service and Tron's guild rules. Disrespect is a form of trolling, so don't harass or disrespect your guildies. No racial, abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexual harassment or any other such behaviour will be tolerated. Please don't kick Tron members from games before asking them nicely to leave, letting them know the game is full or that a combo is required. If after three nice requests for them to leave they still haven't, then you may remove them from the game, but be sure to tell them "full, sorry", or "combo required" as the reason. Don't ever do anything that will make you as a Tron member, or Tron as a guild, look bad.
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  • Loyalty Is Golden
  • Guild loyalty is golden. We greatly value our loyal, core members who would never consider leaving Tron. You are what make us the great guild that we are! Some players are not yet certain where their home will be, so they tend to jump around trying out the different guilds to find that perfect fit, and we understand and accept that. That being said, it is frowned upon to join, leave and rejoin the guild more than a few times. Too much of that can get you labeled as a "guild hopper" and make you unwelcome in not just Tron, but other guilds as well. Please limit your rejoins to as few as possible. In the event that you have been labeled a guild hopper but have decided that Tron is where you really want to be after all, please contact any member of our guild leadership team and make your case. If you are sincere about membership and can commit to staying, another chance can be given.
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  • No Scamming
  • Tron does not tolerate scamming of any type - don't do it! Asking to borrow gold or items from a player is considered a scam in Tron, so please do not do that. Always be careful when doing a trade. Pay very close attention to the items being traded and the gold amount. Many times a scammer will put the full amount of gold in, then before confirmation they drop a 0 off, so a 2M sale could end up being 200k, not exactly a good deal for the one getting scammed. And shame on the scammer. Other times they will change the items in the trade before the last confirmation, so be sure the items are what they should be before confirming. If you happen to get scammed, the most important thing you can do is to have evidence, so always remember to take screenshots! You can show the screenshots to other PL players, your guild, and send them to Sometimes STS Support is able to assist in these matters.
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  • No Trolling
  • What is a troll and what is trolling? It is a person who sows discord by starting arguments or upsetting people, by sending inflammatory or extraneous messages in public chat, guild chat or private messages with the deliberate intent of provoking an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal discussion. Examples of trolls include players who join the guild just to leave it immediately (with or without saying rude things), players who insult other players, those who routinely try to start arguments between or with other players - you get the idea. Unpleasant troublemakers, in summary. Trolls have no place in the Tron family and should be reported to a guild officer or the master through a private message.
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  • No Begging
  • We all know what begging is and that there is too much of that happening in PL. We don't want that in Tron. Our members are prohibited from begging. Do not ask anyone if you can borrow or have any items or gold or if they will power level you. If you see a Tron member begging, please send a private message to any Tron Officer or the Guild Master. If none are on-line at the time, please take a screenshot so that evidence can be presented if necessary.
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  • No Spamming
  • Trolls love to spam, you see it in town a lot. Gibberish being sent over and over again to flood the chat, often times of a trollish and harassing nature. If you see a Tron member spamming chat, please report to guild leadership immediately through a private message. It's also very easy to mute a spammer by clicking on them and clicking the mute button, or by going to the Social, Ignore tab and entering their name to your mute list.
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  • Invite Only Level 85+
  • Tron has very strict membership requirements. Only level 85+ should be invited. Lower levels are not to be invited under any circumstances. Many people want to join that are almost level 85, they should be encouraged to level up and then ask again once they obtain the minimum level to join. Invite responsibly! Members who abuse their Recruiter status and invite lower level characters (even their best friend or sibling) are subject to demotion, removal or banishment from the guild. Please send a private message to guild leadership if a low level has been invited and they will take corrective action.
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  • Your Alts Are Welcome
  • Your alts are welcome. If you have a main in the guild, you can ask to have as many of your characters invited into the guild as desired, regardless of the level. To have an alt invited, please ask in guild chat and someone will send the invite. If some low level player sends you a message and says they are in Tron already, to invite them, tell them not until they login on their main and ask in guild chat. Immediately when joining the guild with an alt, announce the name of your main in guild chat.
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  • Obtain Permission Before Hosting Guild Events
  • Guild events are a lot of fun, and we encourage a variety of events to be hosted. Just make sure to talk with your guild master before hosting any guild events so that the event can be approved, well planned and put on our events calendar.
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  • Tron's Official PvP Allies
  • Tron's official ally in PvP is <IDK>, so if they don't treat you well, remind them that Tron is their ally versus rude and abusive guilds and players, and if they continue to ignore the alliance, take screen shots and contact your guild leadership and we will get with their guild master, who is a good friend of ours. Any other guild that plays dirty and enjoys abusing you in PvP through rushing, teaming, spawning and trolling are obviously enemies and can be treated as such in PvP. Put them in their place. Other thoughts: If during an unfair fight where you are outnumbered and don't have help at the time, and therefore can't win, leave, don't be food. You can always host your own game if necessary, with or without a password, and boot the trolls with: "/b name reason" (for example, "/b joepally off" would get the job done). In any case, have fun out there and always try to improve your game by paying close attention to your opponent to learn from mistakes.
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  • No Rushing/Spawning/Teaming Tron Or Our Allies In PvP
  • Rushing is when you attack a player in PvP before all parties say "go". Spawning is when you kill a player at spawn. Teaming is when you gang up against and outnumber a smaller number of player(s). Tron does not tolerate rushing, spawn killing or teaming of other Tron members or our allies, so please don't do it. Offenders will be warned and if they refuse to stop it, will be removed from the guild. If a Tron member is seen rushing, spawning or teaming other Tron members or our allies, please remind them that Tron doesn't allow that, and if they persist, please report them to guild leadership. If a member of an allied guild rushes, spawns or teams you, please remind them that we are allies, and if they refuse to stop, take a screen shot and report to guild leadership. Players in guilds other than Tron or our allied guilds are not protected by these rules and you are free to play however you want.
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  • Respect the Decisions of Your Leadership Team
  • Your Guild Master trusts your Officers to make the right decisions. Please do not question their decisions. If you are really concerned and must question them, PM them and let them know your concerns in a respectful tone, do not bring the issue to guild chat or public chat. If you feel an officer has abused their power, then you may bring it to your Guild Master's attention. Please know that the leadership team is not obligated to tell you why they have taken taken a course of action or made a decision. We do what we do in the best interests of Tron. Please respect that.
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  • No Drama In Guild Chat
  • No one likes drama. If you have a dispute with someone, keep it out of guild chat (and public chat too!). Keep it limited to private messages. If you need an officer, please PM them and let them know your concerns. You can always meet in the guild hall to sort issues out, too.
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  • No Bad Language
  • STS prohibits bad language and will mute and/or ban players who make a habit of it. To get around this, it is common for players to change the spelling of certain words enough to not get muted, but STS says that's also not allowed. As a guild, we want to keep the language clean, so please, watch what you say.
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  • Never Share Your Account
  • STS prohibits the sharing of your account with anyone. Do not ever share your login or password for any reason. If you don't get scammed, you will very likely get banned. The outcome of account sharing is never good. Doesn't matter if it's your best friend out of game, just don't do it. No regrets.
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  • No Buying/Selling/Trading of Accounts or Items/Gold with Real Money
  • The purchase, sale, trade or attempted purchase, sale or trade of accounts is strictly prohibited by both STS Terms of Service and Tron guild rules and will not be tolerated. Accounts should never be bought, traded or sold. Nothing should be bought or sold with real money or in exchange for an offer of Platinum. Items should only be traded for other items and/or gold. This is also considered a common type of scam. Members making these offers will be warned and if they persist, removed from the guild. Yes, you can buy Platinum from STS, but don't be fooled by offers of plat from other players, it will get your account scammed. If something cannot be traded in the trade window, then it is a prohibited transaction.
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  • Don't Invite Anyone on Tron's Official Ban List
  • Click here to view Tron's Official Ban List.

    Anyone included in this list has been banned from Tron membership due to scamming, trolling or repeated violations of any of our other guild rules, and should not be invited to the guild. If they are invited, they should be removed. Notify an officer or the guild master if you see anyone on this list in the guild. Down with the scammers and trolls. Keep Pocket Legends fun!
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  • Recruiters Are Level 90+
  • Members who attain the level of 90 or greater, showing both loyalty and activity will be promoted to recruiter. Note that this rule has evolved over time and that anyone with a lower level and recruiter status was promoted to recruiter before this rule changed.
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  • How To Become Officer
  • Don't ask to be officer. Promotions to officer are rare, just like the best of super elites that drop - they don't happen often and there aren't that many. We suggest that you reach level 100, be loyal, active, helpful, upbeat, knowledgeable, and in the process, show that you really care about Tron, ultimately becoming an integral part of our family. And one day, you never know what might happen. In the meantime, enjoy yourself in this awesome guild!
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L100 Super-Elite Gun Set
Above: Level 100 Pure Stat Gun Set with PSY.KO pet. We always wondered what the stats would be like at level 100. Now we know!
Overachiever Helm
Above: The Overachiever Helm was awarded to only ten fox or rhino players during the 76 cap. Four people are known to still play that received this vanity helm.
White Antenna
Above: One of the extremely rare and few remaining White Antennas left in Pocket Legends.
Asylum PvP Champion Shield
Above: Asylum PvP Champion Shield. Awarded to Dolloway and Iiroseii for winning the Clash of the Couples L100 2v2 FFA PvP Tournament on September 6, 2017. Congrats!
L71 Green Forgotten Bow
Above: The L71 Green Forgotten Bow. Only five are known to still exist in the game and only two players are still active that own them.
Founder's Honor
Above: Ara is serious about his eggs, and so are we. Sunny side up! December, 2014.
Level 77 Crocodile in Pocket Legends
Above: Level 77 Crocodile character in Black Smoke Mountain Town of Pocket Legends, seen on October 10, 2014. Check out those stats!
Above: Tron EWT Duo throwing down the beats on the beach. January, 2015.
Level 100 Droid in Pocket Legends
Above: Level 100 Droid character spotted in Pocket Legends on June 20, 2014.
Dragon's Breath Elite Staff
Above: Mage with the Dragon's Breath Elite Staff, one of three Fire Forest 71 elite weapons.
Level 100 Mage in Pocket Legends
Above: Level 100 Mage spotted in Pocket Legends on June 20, 2014. Imagine the stats on a level 100 elite set.
Level 77 Droid
Above: Level 77 Droid character with the elusive Mitas dragon pet spotted in Pocket Legends on July 16, 2014.
Surf's up, dude!
Above: Surf's up, dude! Ever surfed on a marlin fish? You should try it sometime. January, 2015.
Dragon's Breath Elite Staff
Above: The Dragon's Breath Elite Staff has a special proc that spawns a guardian pet dragon which will provide an instant heal and a heal over time.
Level 78 Warrior in Pocket Legends
Above: Level 78 Warrior with the Ring of Valiant Glory, L56 Crown of Persistence, and L66 Mount Fang Armor equipped. Seen in Pocket Legends on February 4, 2015.
Happy Holidays
Above: "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas". December 24, 2014.