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  • Tron YouTube Channel: The name says it all. We've had this channel for years but only recently started adding Pocket Legends videos to it. Check it out and subscribe to keep up with our latest productions.

  • Discord: The Tron Discord server is available by invitation only from the guild master, and access is exclusively limited to the most loyal members of Tron.

  • Kik Messenger: Chat with Tron by invitation only in our guild group chat on Kik. Contact the Guild Master and provide your Kik ID in order to receive an invite. Access is limited to Tron guild members only.

  • Tron Facebook Group: Tron members are welcome to join our Facebook group to stay informed. Please PM an officer or the Guild Master while in-game to request an invite to this closed group.

  • Tron on Twitter: Another great way to keep current with guild news is to follow us on Twitter. And for added convenience, we also put our Twitter time line on our home page here at

  • The Official Pocket Legends Forums: There's no better source for Pocket Legends news and announcements.

  • Spacetime Studios, Inc.: The creators of our favorite game, Pocket Legends.

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